We reach out to and build relationships with women in the sex industry in Moscow, offering free condoms and HIV tests, advice about sexual health and other practical and medical support.


We offer a way out to those who have been trafficked or exploited, and to anyone wishing to exit the sex trade regardless of how they entered it. We help them to access shelters and aftercare, and to return home if they wish to. We run a safehouse in Moscow and maintain a growing network of partners able to offer support in other locations.


We deliver training and empowerment programmes among at-risk groups in Russia and Ukraine, so that they can recognise the tactics of traffickers and develop the skills and confidence to build successful independent lives free from the risks of exploitation and slavery.


We educate the wider public in Russia and the UK about trafficking and exploitation, to reduce the demand for trafficking and train new advocates in the fight against it. 

Read the stories of some survivors to learn more about their experiences.